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Mini hula hoop polypro 5/8 (16mm)


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Polypro is a light, rigid and bouncy material. 

What is it used for?

  • Hand/palm/nose hooping
  • Speedy flow
  • Tricks like breaks, wedgies (with impact)
  • Most off-body tricks.
    (you can also on-body hoop with polypro)

Alert! It is very sensitive to low temperatures and it will easily crack or shutter on the cold or when switching from one cold area to a hot area.

Thickness of tubing: 5/8 (16mm)



Folding system

All the hulas can be folded, except the “MINIS” (less than 25″). They are disconnected with the push button and are rounded following their shape, being reduced to half their diameter.

Información adicional


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45cm (18"), 48cm (19"), 50cm (20"), 53cm (21"), 55cm (22"), 58cm (23"), 63cm (25"), 66cm (26"), 68cm (27"), 71cm (28"), 73cm (29"), 76cm (30"), 78cm (31"), 81cm (32"), 83cm (33"), 86cm (34"), 88cm (35"), 91cm (36")


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